Sports terms most people don’t know! Lets define them!

I wanted to define some odd sports terms people don’t know. I will look at some in all the 3 major sports. The NBA, MLB, and NFL. Lets get started(NOTE: To donate and keep my great content coming sent it through Cashapp to $TopSportsMind):

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1st the MLB:

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  1. Mocking the game: This is ANYTHING construed as so far outside normal game play the umpires rule it mocking the game. EXAMPLE: Back a several decades ago there was a tiny little guy named Hack Wilson who stood 5’6″. Shortest to ever hit a HR. He once swung so hard in hitting a HR, it spun him around several times getting him dizzy BUT… when he finally regained himself he ran down the 3rd base line and not the 1st base line. The umpires instantly ejected him for mocking the game.
  2. Showing up the umpire(s): This is any action done by a player or coach that mocks, makes fun of, or ridicules the umpire in ANYWAY. EXAMPLE: Remember back on July 27th 2017 when Beltre moved the on deck Circle and got ejected? YES THAT WAS BLATANTLY SHOWING UP THE UMPIRE! Thus the ejection! Watch it here:
  3. Auto Ejection: This consists of a few things from arguing balls and strikes, mocking the game, and ETC. EXAMPLE: Any time a player, coach, and ETC comes in contact with a umpire its an auto ejection. 
  4. Can OF Corn: This is when ever there’s a fly ball or pop up that stay in the air so the fielder has all day to get under t and wait for it to come down. Example: Watch this for a perfect one: 
  5. Frozen Rope: This one is easy. A line drive that goes in a strait line without falling. Hit so hard it stays on a line. 
  6. Golden Sombrero: This is when a batter Strikes out 4 times in a game. 
  7. Hanging a Snowman: This is when a team scores 8 runs in an inning. here’s an example: 
  8. Hot Corner: This is 3B. The hardest INFIELD position to play. IF you look at a baseball diamond its the base to the far left. 
  9. Meatball: This is when the pitcher leaves a pitch in the middle of the strike zone and it gets hammered by the batter. Here’s an example: 
  10. Mendoza Line: This means batting .200 or getting hits in 20% of your Official At Bats.
  11. Ribbie: This means a run that score due to a batter getting a hit, walk, sac, fly and ETC.
  12. Rhubarb: This means an argument that did or could result in a bench clearing brawl. Like this one:
  13. Worm Burner: This is a ground ball that stays close to the ground. Doesn’t bounce up. Here’s an example:
  14. Yakker: This is a incredibly nasty curve ball. Like this one: 

Lets move on to the NBA: 

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  1. 2 for 1: This means at the end of a quarter a team gets 2 of the last 3 shots taken. SO if a team takes a shot with :30 left they are assured another one without the opponent taking one. 
  2. 3 and D: A player, typically not a star, who specializes mainly in three-point shooting (“3”) and defense (“D”). Royce O’Neal of the Utah Jazz is a famous one. 
  3. Alley Oop: When a passer throws the ball near the rim, a different play catches it in mid air and put its in via dunking it or laying it in.
  4. Ball Hog: A player who won’t pass the ball and shooting it LITERALLY every time he touches it.
  5. Ball Fake: This is when a player fakes shooting or passing the ball. 
  6. Bank Shot: This is when a player makes a shot bouncing it off the backboard.
  7. Banana Cut: When a player takes a wide arch during a cut to the hoop to back to the 3 point line. 
  8. Bid Thief: A NCAA term for when a team with no right to be in the NCAA tournament wins their conference tournament thus stealing an auto bid.
  9. AND-1: This means a player makes a shot while being fouled and is awarded a free throw on top of the made basket. Can be done on 2 point and 3 point shots.
  10. Brick/Brick Layer: This is a person who badly misses more then 1 show in short concession. 
  11. Buzzer Beater: This is a shot taken as time expires on a quarter, Half or the game or even OT. Whether made or missed. Here’s an example and perhaps the most famous one ever made: 
  12. Chucker: A basketball player that throws up numerous shots without caring if they go in or not. 
  13. Cherry Picker: A player who leaks out early to the other end of the court  or who stays down on the other end in hopes f getting an easy shot.
  14. Dagger: A clutch shot near the end of the game that makes the lead to big to recover from
  15. Flop: A player [purposely falling to the floor when little to no contact was made with them in attempts to get a cheap foul call. 

Now for the NFL: 

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  1. Onsides Kick: An attempt by a team that just score to keep the ball by kicking it just over 10 yards and recovering it before the receiving team can.
  2. Mike, Will, and Sam Linebackers: These are the names for the 3 linebackers in a defensive 4-3 scheme. 
  3. The Red Zone: This is the area between the 20 yard line and the end zone. This is when a team is very close to scoring and the defense is struggling to stop the opposing offense.  
  4. Safety: This means 3 things in football. 2 are Defensive Backs being the String and Free Safety’s. The 3rd is when a offensive player or kick receiving team player is tackled in the end zone when the play started out side the end zone. Also when a fumble or missed snap on a regular play or punt goes out the back of the end zone. 
  5. Shotgun: THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FIRE ARMS other then using the same name. This is when the QB takes the snap from 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage. 
  6. Bull Rush:  When a defensive player, either a lineman or linebacker, runs as fast and powerfully as possible through the O-Line to the QB letting nothing stop him.
  7. Nickle and Dime Packages: THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MONEY! This is as simple as the Nickel puts a Defensive Back in replacing a line backer. The Dime replaces 2 Linebackers with defensive backs. 
  8. Gridiron: This is the filed itself. Literally! Its shaped like the medal you would fine under the  lid of your barque grill. Thus the name.
  9. Pig Skin:  This is merely the football its self as they used to be made out of literal pig leather. 
  10. Horse Caller: This is the area of the jersey within 6″ of a players neck. If a player tackles another player by grabbing this they are asses a 15 yard personal foul. 
  11. Pooch Punt: This is a punt when a offensive team has a 4th down on the opponents side of the field but is to far to kick a field goal. They kick a short punt intended to pin the other teams offense against their own goal line.
  12. Audible: Were not talking about hearing or sounds here. This is when a QB changes the play right before its snapped.
  13. Squib Kick: This is like a pooch punt where its a ON PURPOSE shorter version of a normally longer kick. This one is used to force a return and time off the clock. Normally kicked to land between the 10 and 20 yard lines.
  14. Wildcat: This is a offensive formation where the QB is either no on the field or way to the side of the formation and a running back takes the snap and runs the play. Some teams run trick plays where the RB tales the snap and either throws a pass or then flips to the QB who the throws a pass. 
  15. Flea Flicker: This is a player where the QB takes the snap, hands it to the RB, who then takes a step or 2 towards the line of scrimmage before tossing it back to the QB for a pass. When exacted right there’s no defense for it.  

I hope you enjoyed these. I love explaining these so if you know more you don’t know and want defined let me know. I found the ones I have been asked about before and defined them only. 

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