Rays getting too cocky? Sure seems like it…

So in recent statements by the Rays ownership makes them seem a s cocky as ever.

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Here’s one of them:

UM WHAT? The Rays will be as lucky as they come to finish within 20 games of a 103 win Yankees team that added the best pitcher in the game!

The Rays lost 3 of their best hitter, and traded their best bullpen arm,. They project as a 80-85 win team. The Yankees on the other hand project to 105-115 wins.

Someone needs to wake the Rays up. They  literally cannot compete with the Yankees. They don’t have that ability! The Yankees will be 15+ Games up on the whole AL EAST by the All Star game according to projections. Here’s the AL EAST 2020 projection I will break down to average out projections:

  1. Yankees     110-52
  2. Rays              83-79
  3. Blue Jays      78-84
  4. Red Sox        70-92
  5. O’s                 60-102

Again what are the Rays smoking? The Yankees are freakin loaded and will run away. ts a no contest in the AL EAST!

The Yankees now have the best rotation in the game with 2 ACES anchoring it in Gerrett Cole and Luis Severino Severino. The the EASILY best #3 man in the game in James Paxton and the best BY A LAND SLIDE #4 man in Masairo Tanaka. THEN The BY FAR BEST #5 man that teams dream of having in Domingo German when he eventually gets back. The Rays 1-2-3 of Glasnow-Snell-Morton can;t touch that! THE YANKEES WILL NOT BEAT MOST ACES DUE TO THIS! No team can top this rotation:

  1. RHP Gerrett Cole
  2. RHP Kuis Severino
  3. LHP James Paxton(Currently on the IL till early May)
  4. RHP Masahiro Tanaka
  5. RHP Domingo German(Suspended till July)
  6. LHP J.A. Happ
  7. RHP Clarke Schmidt
  8. RHP Deivi Garcia
  9. LHP Jordan Montgomery
  10. RHP Mike King
  11. RHP Jonathan Loaisiga
  12. RHP Luis Medina

Name any other team with that kind of depth and let alone the Rays who only have 3 SP’s? Literally impossible! As I said the Yankees are loaded! LOADED! Even with their plethora of bullpen arms! 18 MLB guys. My Goodness. The Yankees AAA team could have a better pitching staff then most major league teams! Here’s the Bullpen guys:

  1. CP LHP Aroldis Chapman
  2. SU RHP Adam Ottavino
  3. SU LHP Zack Britton
  4. MR RHP Chad Green
  5. MR RHP Tommy Kahnle
  6. MR RHP David Hale
  7. MR LHP Luis Avilon
  8. MR RHP Jonathan Holder
  9. MR RHP Ben Heller
  10. MR LHP Tyler Lyons
  11. MR RHP Nick Tropiano
  12. MR RHP Dan Otero
  13. MR RHP Chad Bettis
  14. LR RHP Adam Warren(On IL till July or later)
  15. LR RHP Luis Cessa


Rays give it up! You don’t have a chance! The Yankees are to good and to deep for any team to handle and let alone the Rays!







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