UH OH… MAJOR, MAJOR Unrest in the Astros Locker Room… This Spells Certain Doom!

Word is out there is major, MAJOR unrest in the Astros locker room. This is terrible for that franchise. (NOTE: Please donate at CASHAPP: TOPSPORTSMIND to keep my amazing content coming!)

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This will destroy any teams chance to win and any team chemistry… Here’s what Jon Heyman of MLB Network said:

This is as bad as it gets. The players don’t even want to play together any more… They are becoming enemies of each other… At his point why would any fans show up to watch them? ITS NOT WORTH IT! No fan want’s to see players on the same team fighting with each other like this.

If they had received the proper punishments would this being happening? I don’t think so! The blame is as much on Rob Manfred as the players here.

The Astros are a complete and utter mess! I have never seen such a mess of a pro sports franchise. It may however be about to get duplicated by the Red Sox when their punishments get announced in a few days.

How does this get fixed? EASY! Ban every player involved for life! Exact proper punishments like vacating ALL titles, awards, WINS and ETC won during the cheating from 2016 to present day. Manfred still has the chance to make it right! This may be the biggest sports scandal ever!

The following players are known to be involved AS MENTIONED BY THE 5 MEN KNOWN TO HAVE RATTED IT OUT:

  1. Alex Bregman
  2. Jose Altuve
  3. George Springer
  4. Carlos Correa
  5. Yuli Guriel
  6. Michael Brantley
  7. Marwin Gonzalez (Now with the Twins)
  8. Josh Reddick

That’s just the ones named by name by Mike Fiers, Charlie Morton, Jeff Lunhow, and other s who have leaked it! There were also fishy things detected in Yordan Alvarez’s AB’s in 2019. From Wistles to laser pointer flashes from CF other weird things…

How are pitchers involved? No clue… Maybe not in this part but they took advantage as well… They are part of the unrest in that locker room destroying that franchise. We know something fishy is going on with their pitching as well ads the Astros have a dark history of players getting way, WAY to good after going to that franchise! Only a matter of time till that is leaked…

Jim Crane deserves a lifetime ban as well as his B*&^%$T press conference did nothing but fan the flames!

TAKE ACTION NO MANFRED AND FIX YOUR WRONG! You still have time to rectify it!







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