If You are Bored With No Sports Right Now, Here are Some Ideas for You:

The’s a ton of bored people saying they don’t know what to do without sports so let’s take a look at some ideas:

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If you are a Mini Golf fan take a look at Brooks Holt’s channel for awesome Golf vids. Here’s one:

The scoring isn’t always accurate but their reactions are awesome! I like watching it and it’s fun. Here’s the mistakes they make though!

  1. They leave the club head open too much
  2. They leave the club face closed
  3. No compensation for green levels
  4. Failure to read the hole right
  5. Failure to judge speed right

They are better than most but could get far better with these great adjustments. FYI: Brooks Holt posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Go watch them for some fun.

This is a great way to spend your time watching sports when no others are available. You can also check out GM Golf, Brodie Smith, and others. Lots of great ones on there.

I for one will be checking these out.

Other ways you can spend your time are board games, Video games, going for a walk, ETC. Get creative. Search for youtube channels that include your interests.

Try researching a category you are interested in as I do all the time! I research about Tornadoes, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, ETC.

Just get creative with your extra time now. No reason to be bored! Prove to yourself what you can do now! Make this a time to learn something new.

I know you all can do it! SO DO IT! Even all you pro athletes with no games to play!

Here are a few more ideas:

  1. Watch a documentary
  2. Go for that hike you wanted to
  3. Take that fishing trip you wanted to
  4. Spend time with your kids
  5. Spend time with family

That’s just a few more! COME ON, STOP BEING BORED! You all can do it! GET CREATIVE AS YOU CAN, PEOPLE! Its so easy!








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