Why Blake Griffin is About to Join the Utah Jazz:

The Detroit Pistons are about to release star PF Blake Griffin. The 6’10” mega athlete who can score from anywhere. YES EVEN FROM 3 LAND! As such, he is a perfect fit for the Jazz, and here’s why:

May be an image of text that says 'NBAALERTS Û So why would any team want him, even after buyout? Griffin has become quite good passer over his career, skill that shouldn't go away even as his other physical attributes diminish. He's an adequate floor-spacer on offense (34.6 percent on catch- shoot threes) and would look better on minimum deal following buyout than under his current max deal. Contenders in need of power forward who can shoot and create for others from the elbow should show some interest, especially those with a strong defensive center place next to him. What the Jazz need Literally the Utah Jazz'

Notice the point made in this. its basically defining the Jazz exactly!

(I blew it up for easier reading!)

The Jazz only PF’s are 6’9″ Juwan Morgan and 6’9″ Jerrell Brantley. Yeah not worth even thinking about here. Release or outright one to the D-League, and sign Griffin ASAP!

The other factor is he cannot be paid more then the Vets minimum unless the Jazz were to do a multi year deal due to the Pistons buy out deal with him and what they will be paying him.

Now if I were Jazz GM/Team President Dennis Lindsey and Jazz Owner Ryan Smith I am 100% thinking 1 year deal here as a title run bolstering move! Not opposed to multi year but yeah… 1 year makes more sense.

By signing (Blake)Griffin and slotting him in the starting PF spot next to Rudy Gobert, Bojan Bogdanovic, Donovan Mitchel, and Mike Conley the Jazz would BY FAR have the best starting 5 IN THE GAME!


  1. C Rudy Gobert 7’2″
  2. PF Blake Griffin 6’10”
  3. SF Bojan Bogdanovic 6’9″
  4. SG Donovan Mitchell 6’3″
  5. PG Mike Conley 6’3″

The Jazz also increase depth with O’Neale moved to the bench! Just look:

  1. SF Royce O’Neal 6’7″
  2. PG Jordan Clarkson 6’6″
  3. G/F Joe Ingles 6’8″
  4. PF Derek Favors 6’11”
  5. SF Gorges Nieng 6’8″
  6. G Miye Oni 6’7″
  7. G Elijah Hughes 6’8″
  8. C Udoka Azubuike 7’1″
  9. G Shaq Harrison 6’5″
  10. ETC

Talk about amazing UNPERALELLED depth!

Amazing incentives to do such a move.

This would also boost Jazz star C Rudy Gobert, and star G Donovan Mitchel’s faith in the ownership and front office’s ability to build a perennial title team! A GREAT THING TO DO!

The Utah Jazz have the chance here after (Blake) Griffin is bought out so solidify them selves as the leagues best by grabbing him up for teams like the Clippers, Lakers, Blazers, Nuggets, Nets, AND ETC CAN!

Already the leagues best team they Jazz can separate themselves from the pack by adding another big time scorer and rebounder!

The time is NOW for the Utah Jazz! Just be smart about it and grab a great player before its to late and he haunts you in the post season!








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