The Utah Jazz Just Put the NBA On Notice!

The Utah Jazz just went 3-0 in the preseason bowing out the opponent all 3 times. INLCUDING THE LC CLIPPERS IN LA 125-105!

The Jazz dominated after the 1st quarter in every way. From the starters to the bench they were just way to much for the clippers.

The Jazz look like this going into the regular season:


C Rudy Gobert

PF Derek Favors

SF Bojan Bogdanovic

SG Donovan Mitchell

PG Mike Conley


C Udoka Azubuike

G Jordan Clarkson

F Royce O’Neale

G Joe Ingalls

F Elijah Hughes

PF Jarrell Brantley

F Juwan Morgan

G Shaq Harrison

G Miye Oni

That is such a DEEEP, talented team. We are talking top 2 in the West and may win the west.

Heck they are leading the NBA inmost 3 point attempts AND 3 POINT FG%! Unbelievably efficient!

They went 24/50 today for 48%!

The Jazz are long, ATHLETIC, and AMAZING shooters! That’s a deadly combination for all opponents! This type of balance leads to titles!

Clarkson looks like he’ll be the #2 scorer. The Jazz should have 3, THREE players over 20 PPG PLUS Rudy Gobert’s 15+ PPG!

The Jazz have scoring, defense, 3 point ability, EVERYTHING! The is literally the most complete Jazz team ever!

The Jazz need to press every game. Exert their dominance and abilities!

Use what they have to out match other teams!

They are literally the only team in the NBA that can play small, large, and in-between!

Having PF Derek Favors back in the fold keeps the defensive pressure on at all times.

So will having rookie Center Udoka Azubuike.

The Jazz have length at guard and forward as well.

This will be a fun and wild ride for the Utah Jazz and their fans! They are going to roar this year and have to be a title favorite!

with only playing 72 games and league leading mark of 55-17 would pot surprise me from this group. They are a roaring monster.







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