How the Dodgers Won the World Series and How the Yankees Copy It.

The Dodgers just won the World Series and did it the right way! Here’s how and how the Yankees can emulate it!

The key to the Yankees' 2020 offseason - Pinstripe Alley

The Dodgers had 2 things the Yankees unbelievably lacked! The Dodgers used power left bats everywhere in their lineup AND a 1-2 punch of Aces in their rotation!

Just like the Nats last year with Scherzer and Strasburg.

Its that simple! The Dodgers bullpen was worse then the Yankees! Their rotation outside Beuhler and Kershaw worse then the Yankees.

They had one hole needing a power right handed bat and made the necessary trade to get said player and now have a title.

Every team to win the World Series the last 30 years has had a left power bat or 2! WAKE UP YANKEES!

Here’s how the Yankees copy it!

The 1st move of course is keeping DJ LeMahieu at all costs! I was told by DJ’s agent this is a 100% lock! Mostly due to the QO HE WILL GET ending any chance any other team even talks to him.

The 2nd is trading for SS Francisco Lindor as soon as possible. He will have the effect on the Yankees that Betts had on the Dodgers this past season.

Here’s the current rumors about the subject FYI:

I received this message THIS MORINING from a top MLB reporter whom I chat with all the time:

“I firmly believe the Yankees are for real landing Lindor and then signing him to a long term extension. The talks are already going now that the world series is over.”

Yes teams can now do this now that the world series is over. They can and are starting the player movement panning and moves.

We talked back and forth based of the rumors this is the expected trade as of right now:

Yankees Get: SS Francisco Lindor, RHP Carlos Carrasco

Indians Get: OF Aaron Hicks, RHP Deivi Garcia, INF Anthony Volpe, RJHP Adam Ottavino, and RHP Domingo German.

This would be a phenomenal deal for both teams!

A top Yankees source told me and this top reporter that once this fully expected trade goes through the Yankees will sign OF Joc Pederson to play CF till Jason Dominguez takes over.

This one trade fixes both issues adding lefty power bats as Lindor is a switch hitter, and Pederson a lefty power bat as well as the 2nd ACE in RHP Carlos Carrasco.

I further discussed with this top reporter what other moves the Yankees could make to emulate the Dodgers.

We both agreed a change Catcher must happen and agreed that Yadier Molina is the most likely option.

Singing Molina has complications such as wanting to stay in St Louis and RHP Adam Wainwright going to sign where ever he goes.

I think the Yankees can get it done.

If these expected moves happens we are looking at this rotation and lineup for the Yankees next year:

  1. RHP Garrit Cole
  2. RHP Carlos Carrasco
  3. RHP Adam Wainwright
  4. LHP Jordan Montgomery
  5. RHP Clarke Schmidt

What Yankees fan wouldn’t take this?

  1. 2B DJ LeMahieu
  2. RF Aaron Judge
  3. SS Francisco Lindor
  4. DH Giancarlo Stanton
  5. 1B Luke Voit
  6. CF Joc Pederson
  7. LF Clint Frazier
  8. C Yadier Molina
  9. 3B Gio Urshela

Again what Yankees fan wouldn’t take this?

This would cause a bench like this:

  1. INF Gleyber Torres
  2. OF Mike Tauchman
  3. INF/OF Juricson Profar/Jose Iglasias
  4. C Gary Sanchez
  5. 1B Mike Ford

This is based off current rumors.

The bullpen is the hardest s[pot to predict due to Ottavino and Chapman both likely to be traded. Also Hader and Hendricks expected to be added.

Thus the Bullpen is a wait and see.

We are just 4 days from FA opening thus teams may negotiate with their own FA’s already.

The Yankees are planning to talk to Tanaka and Paxton about team friendly deals but both remain extremely unlikely to be back.

Gardner’s TEAM option is being waved as his time in NY is officially done.

Erick Kratz is expected to retire. The Yankees would love him back but yeah the 40 year old is done.

Lastyly there is a growing belief Sanchez will betraded and Molina holds down the fort till Anthony Zeigler, Josh Brouex, or Austin Wells is ready.

Change is going to come fast in the Bronx. Expect mostly trades though.







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