Could Damian Lilliard be on his way to the Utah Jazz?

(Let me preface by saying this is a pure speculation article with no reporting. Just educated guessing here.)

Recently Damian Lilliard retweeted his own tweet saying he would love to play for the Jazz. Within the last few hours actually. So what could this mean?

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Here’s the tweet again:

Again what could this mean?

Well he was mentioned a ton in trade talks last offseason.

He does own a opt out clause but I could not find out when that is up.

He can’t be happy with a Portland team that cannot seem to contend at all no matter why they add…

to many and many other around he game, it all seems to point at 1 thing!

He’s going to try and get traded to the Jazz this coming offseosan and take Mike Conley’s spot in the starting 5.

We know Damian Lilliard is very, VERY frustrated with the Portland Trailblazers inept ability to compete. They can’t seem to even get on the tier with the big dogs like the Jazz, Lakers, Clippers, Nets, and Bucks.

Nurcic and McCullum can’t even stay healthy!

Something has to give here!

The only way Lilliard will ever get a real title chance is with a real team like the Utah Jazz and others. The time is now!








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