When I started this journey 2 years ago I had no clue where it would take me and what I would accomplish. I am so happy I did it. It was so fun yet stressful at the same time. I will never regret it!


Everything comes at a price… For me that was learning more then I ever wanted to about sports, sports fans, the evil in sports, etc.


When I do I realize the growth I needed from my website and such has never gotten their despite getting the 9th most hits of ANY SPORTS WEBSITE in the last 2 years. The $$ have inexplicably not been there either.

As I look at where I am in live I have to wonder in this business has had and kept me on the right path, The path I want. I don’t think it has.

I had mentioned before this screaming banshee is a part I played for the business on the advice of others. (Yes I am a excellent actor but don’t view Hollywood as a good career either.). As many of you notice my demeanor change drastically throughout the season. For a few reasons.

So… After prayer, Scripture reading, pondering on life, a Priesthood blessing for guidance ETC.

(NOTE We in the church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints believe that by those with proper authority that a person can get guidance straight from God by the laying on of Hands and a blessing pronounced on one’s head. I know form personal experience this is fact! IT HAPPENS AND GOD TALKS TO US THROUGH THIS!)

I have come to the conclusion, that for my safety, sanity, and my future that this website must be shut down. That moving on and placing my concentration elsewhere is what is best for me.

It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made and have been pondering on for some time. Since this past February to be exact.

Things changed for the worst this year as far as my business went. It became harmful to me in every way. I got death threats and everything else. The harassment got worse and such.

No, none of this made the decision as much as me feeling its time to move on and no longer right for me. It was a major success but just no longer right for me.

I feel great. Like I made the decision God wanted. I am incredibly excited for what lies instore for me.

Again let me stress this was my decision and mine alone with the help of God! No tweet or situation played into this at all.

I thank all who helped me in any way. I will stay on social media so don’t worry and will likely tweet/post on FB when one of my favorite teams makes a move. HAHA

However this website is going off line as of noon on Saturday. I will no longer do ANY video’s for the King Source or allow them made. I will be repurposing al my social media pages and such away from The King source stuff. My Youtube channel will now only be used for my gaming and music. When I decide to post such vids.

For any that want to try and steal the name The King Source don’t bother. I am in the process of locking it up under my copywrites of them for my usage only. If I ever decide to use them again. From this URL to all social media sites and such.

I will delete all sports vide from my Channel but a select few. I will be editing my Twitters as well. While this is my last article… You can still flow me and such and I will still talk sports with friends. When I get info I likely will tweet it on my main Twitter though my back up is being repurposed for my gaming.

I am not an emotional wreck BUT… I am saddened by having to take this 100% necessary step! I already have copies of all my articles saved to my computer. No worries there.

BY: Adam King – The King Source